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Trained as a traditional Illustrator, I start all of my projects on the drawing board.

I consider the design and composition of an illustration to be one of the most crucial elements of an images success.

It usually takes a few rounds of rough sketches and getting feedback from the client before a final rough is settle upon.

Once the client has approved the rough sketch, I then will shoot reference (where neccesary) and finalize the line drawing. At this stage I bring in all of the final details and flush out any "problem" areas within the illo's design. I'm a stickler for details, I like to get 'em right!


Once the Finish Sketch is completed and approved, I then scan the image into the computer. Using various programs I knock out a few color comps for the client to review.

After the color comp has been settled, I begin the finish Rendering Process.

I send samples of the image as it progresses on a regular basis, this gives the client an opportunity to make comments as the final Illustration is completed.

Depending upon the size and usage, I will usually build in extra bleed just in case the packaging specs change or the client decides to use the image in another format. (better safe than sorry) In some cases, such as the one below, I had to take in to account multiple box formats.


(final cropping for Hang Time)

This simplified diagram (below) shows one of the many techniques I use when creating an illustration. By using multiple layers I'm able to adjust colors, move objects or do just about any revision an art director may require of me in a matter of minutes.

Since I'm on the 'net, I can supply my clients with comps anywhere at anytime and revisions can be made as if I'm right next door.

Once a project is finished, I will supply the client with the final art either by ftp or on disk.

I've worked hard to create and maintain a state of the art studio, with all the latest software and the best hardware.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

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