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Shawn MurphyBorn in Washington State, Shawn dedicated himself to a career in art at an early age. He studied all forms of traditional art mediums, and now rides the cutting edge of artistic technology by creating 100% pure digital illustrations.

A professional illustrator since 1990, Shawn studied for a year at The New School of Visual Concepts in Seattle Washington and then received a BFA in Illustration from Otis Parsons School of Art and Design in Los Angeles. He hit the freelance road right off the bat working with various clients. His early experiences included Advertising Illustration, Animation Background Design and Character Layout, Book Cover / Interior Illustrations and Set Design for TV Commercials.

In 1992 Shawn joined the artistic team at Midway Games in San Diego. Then known as Leland Interactive Media, he was instrumental in the development of their Creative Services department. His work at Midway included Video Game Packaging Design and Illustration, Advertising Design and Illustration, Arcade Cabinet Design, P.O.P. Design and Exhibit Booth Design. Shawn Left his position as Senior Illustrator at Midway to resume his freelance career In 1998.

Shawn at workHe moved back to Washington State in 1999 to be closer to his family, where he has continued to hone his skills and is developing a growing list of satisfied clients.

Recent Clients include: Hewlett Packard, Infogrames, Interplay, Valuesoft, M&Ms Mars, McHale Design, The Learning Journey, Southbay International, Activision, Helix Group, Computer User Magazine, Wallsdecor, and Mattel.

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