Early in my career, I had the good fortune to work within the animation industry. It was a great experience that taught me many of the fundamentals. A while back I began working in programs that bring my illustrations to life.

2D Style Animation

The Heron and the Lizard

Client: Helix Group

Created for InsureNorthwest.com
The "Insurance Lizard" finally meets his match. In the clients version the lizard is brown instead of green.

Smokin' Joe

Client: Personal Project

A series of shorts I've been working on in my spare time as a "vehicle" to develop my skills and have some fun.

BIIA Appeal Process

Washington State Department
of Information Services

Created for the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. DIS wanted to add some visual interest to a rather boring subject. I'm showing 4 of the 20 scenes I created for them. Plus an alternate ending clip done in jest.

Traino Project

Client: Traino Ventures

This was a wonderful job for a great client. Since this project has yet to be publicly released, I can only show some short clips. Plus, I removed the dialogue to keep the concept from being revealed.


Client: Personal Project

One of my first pieces I created with Anime Studio. Learned allot about timing and Vector animation.

3D Style Animation

Pelican Case Features

Client: Pelican Products Inc.

Created to help explain how certain features of their cases work or are manufactured.

Foundation Frame Assembly

Client: Southbay International

A series of animated assembly instructions used online and given to customers with their product on DVD.

Clank & Clink

Client: Personal Project

A learning project that turned into a year long endeavor. I had fun combining 3D models with cell animation techniques.